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Just got nominated for my performance as Anjana in
The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program!
2019 Audio Verse Awards

Sep 2019

Goodbye,  Up! A Great Bird Adventure!
Goodbye Disney.

Goodbye Anika.


Dear Anika, 
It’s true: Disney is the place where dreams come true. 
I never had the privilege growing up to see someone who looked like me on a Disney platform. Never did I think I’d get to create and play Disney’s first Indian princess! 
Thank you for showing me that a princess can get her hands dirty. That you can honour and share one’s culture and heritage through many forms. That a woman can be intelligent and funny. That a woman can be a leader and do anything she sets her mind to. That in the current state of the world, as a Person of Colour, showing kindness and educating people is of utmost importance.

How does one say goodbye to character you have poured your heart and soul to?

All I can promise you is that I will continue to fight for representation and diversity. To share OUR stories. 
You have inspired so many people and children- especially little brown girls. 
Oh, little brown girls... You gave me the gift of seeing your eyes light up, of seeing my 4 year old self in you.

Thank you Walt Disney World. Thank you Animal Kingdom. Thank you Pixar. Thank you Up! A Great Bird Adventure 
Thank you, Anika. 


Aug 2019

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I'm excited to announce that I'll be voicing Anjana in the Lovecraftian horror and black comedy: The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program:
An RPG Audio Drama. Find it on your favorite podcast app and succumb to the maddening call... of CTHULHU!


Oct 2018


Catch me playing Anika
in the new show ‘Up! A Great Bird Adventure
with Russell & Dug
Disney World's Animal Kingdom!


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Photo credit: @livingwithsoleil
Photo credit: @livingwithsoleil

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April  2018

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