Melody will be speaking on Conservation & Diversity through Entertainment

at the world's first wildlife-travel based management book launch

"Management from the Wild: 101 Lessons Learnt"

by Wilfred Sarath Eranga Perera

Saturday, 9th Jan 2021


One Galle Face 

Jan 2021

Just got nominated for my performance as Anjana in
The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program!
2019 Audio Verse Awards

Sep 2019

Goodbye,  Up! A Great Bird Adventure!
Goodbye Disney.

Goodbye Anika.


Dear Anika, 
It’s true: Disney is the place where dreams come true. 
I never had the privilege growing up to see someone who looked like me on a Disney platform. Never did I think I’d get to create and play Disney’s first Indian princess! 
Thank you for showing me that a princess can get her hands dirty. That you can honour and share one’s culture and heritage through many forms. That a woman can be intelligent and funny. That a woman can be a leader and do anything she sets her mind to. That in the current state of the world, as a Person of Colour, showing kindness and educating people is of utmost importance.

How does one say goodbye to character you have poured your heart and soul to?

All I can promise you is that I will continue to fight for representation and diversity. To share OUR stories. 
You have inspired so many people and children- especially little brown girls. 
Oh, little brown girls... You gave me the gift of seeing your eyes light up, of seeing my 4 year old self in you.

Thank you Walt Disney World. Thank you Animal Kingdom. Thank you Pixar. Thank you Up! A Great Bird Adventure 
Thank you, Anika. 


Aug 2019

I'm excited to announce that I'll be voicing Anjana in the Lovecraftian horror and black comedy: The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program:
An RPG Audio Drama. Find it on your favorite podcast app and succumb to the maddening call... of CTHULHU!


Oct 2018

Catch me playing Anika
in the new show ‘Up! A Great Bird Adventure
with Russell & Dug
Disney World's Animal Kingdom!


April  2018