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" is almost possible to forget that Russell and Dug are there, due in no small part to the amazing stage presence of Anika [Melody], the hostess."
-Julia Mascardo,

"Another nod must be given to Melody Perera who is a spot on brilliant as the naive, yet once threatened, fearless Little Red Riding Hood..." 
-Linda Hodges, Broadway Magazine

"...tiny, big-voiced Little Red Ridinghood (Melody Perera, Sri Lanka's gift to the stage)..."
-Janos Gereben, The Examiner

"Still, if I had to pick a favorite performance, I would definitely choose Melody Perera as Little Sally... Perera was not only believable in this role but also incredibly funny in her portrayal of the precious youngster..."
-dvcnick, Life at the Devil College Blog

"Melody Perera stood sweet and stoical kicking off the main menu with the favourite ‘Little Drummer Boy’."
-Nigel Kerner, Sunday Island

"With her strikingly compact presence, Melody Perera oozed with zest and talent. The voice showed no strain in the upper registers and sonority and roundness were defined."
-Tennyson Rodrigo, Daily News

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